Our Services

Full-Service Digital Marketing


We work with our clients on a yearly basis to plan, execute and measure online marketing strategies and campaigns.

We believe that great online marketing starts with a collaborative results-driven plan that guides the online marketing efforts throughout the year. We become an extension of our client?s marketing team and we work together to develop unique strategies and campaigns based on the goals and objectives that are shared with us. Our marketing services include:

Social Media Marketing

Social media is ever-changing and can be confusing. What channels to use, frequency of posts, ideal content and tracking are big questions that we help organizations answer. We believe that there?s social media - and then there?s strategic social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Fifty-five percent of all online purchases originate from natural or organic search engine results. Our organic search engine optimization strategies are based on key objectives and use entirely ethical techniques available to professional search engine marketers.

Search Engine Marketing

We offer a full lineup of paid search engine marketing (SEM) services to help your site gain more traffic. Through the planning process, we work with you to determine the best fit for the needs of your company or organization, and then we create a plan of action.

Email Marketing

Growing, segmenting and leveraging a subscriber base is still an integral part of any online marketing strategy. Once you’ve gained their trust and attention, then it’s time to send well-considered messaging to help further your company’s cause. Email marketing plays a critical role in keeping your supporters engaged.

Online Campaigns

Web development and marketing experience come together with a bang in our online campaigns and micro-site development. A well-executed campaign site is the best way to get your specific campaign message to your audience and directly measure the success of your efforts.

Performance Measurement and Tracking

The Internet offers levels of tracking and reporting never before experienced in traditional marketing. Based on company objectives, we measure and report on all of our client?s online efforts from the website to online campaigns. Our reporting tools and follow-up help prioritize online marketing activities based on ROI, performance and budget so that clients can resource accordingly.


Art Direction

A website needs to be more than just pretty. Unique and creative visuals are essential to communicate your message, but online interaction with your brand is more than one-dimensional. Our award-winning art direction is one of the key pieces in all of our website builds.

Web Design

You only have a few seconds to engage your site visitors or they?re gone. Once you?ve got them, what are they going to do? A well-designed site is more than a pretty face ? it showcases your brand, encourages desired visitor actions, integrates SEO content and stands out from your competitors.

Brand Development

Nowhere is branding more important than online. In this increasingly cluttered and unmonitored realm of content and opinions, you not only need to effectively establish your brand, you must also monitor and reinforce it, as well. We provide full branding services from a refresh to a brand new brand.


Online business can be complex. Our team of diverse and talented team makes sense of the opinions, emerging technologies, and social considerations to deliver a comprehensive online strategy.

Online Business Strategy

A website or an online marketing campaign can do anything you want, as long as you know what that anything is. We believe in putting the horse in front of the cart, ensuring a strategic business case and results-based plan is in place before jumping into any website or campaign. The most successful online efforts are a result of a collaborative plan. With the planning in place, we measure the effectiveness of our efforts, adjusting and refining accordingly.

Site Audit and Analysis

Unlike similar services offered by some other companies, our website audit is not automated or performed by machines. We carefully examine all aspects of the site from the messaging to the coding and develop a customized report of the results. Our reports contain clear, actionable advice about how your online presence can be improved, both immediately and in the long term.

Online Campaigns

Web development and marketing experience come together with a bang in our online campaigns and micro-site development. A well-executed campaign site is the best way to get your specific campaign message to your audience and directly measure the success of your efforts.

Competitive Research

Do you know what your competition is doing and if their efforts are working? VW provides competitive reviews to ensure we understand not only the competitive set, but also where opportunities exist and how to convert them to maximum effect.

Technical Development

We believe that you wouldn’t build a house without plans, start a company without a business plan or bake a cake without a recipie. In the same vein, you would be remiss to invest heavily in the development and design of a website without having any plans in place.

Information Architecture and Wireframes

The development of Internet architecture and the production of wireframing documentation is imperative to achieve a successful outcome for any website project.

Our Favourite Website Platforms


We are huge Drupal fans and while not a Drupal shop, we do use Drupal in 90% of our projects. Drupal is our weapon of choice when building websites. We’ve used it with great success over the last three years and strongly recommend its consideration in any new projects for its extensive and flexible structure. It helps that our developers are magicians when it comes to Drupal.


Adding a blog to a website is a great way to attract people and search engine robots to your Internet presence. A blog provides a medium for you to speak directly to your customer base (and for them to speak directly to you through comments). A blog also provides search engines with the frequently updated, relevant and rich content that search engines love. If you have an existing site and want to add a blog, or if you’re just looking for an easy option for a simple website, we may recommend Wordpress as the best tool for your project.