About Us

We are a small team of passionate adventurers who ride boards and bikes, scale mountains and play outside. We love creativity, design, code, brands and all things digital. The fusion of our collective passion is the love child we call, VentureWeb.

The VentureWeb Difference

VentureWeb's name and MO is explained by our tagline: Digital First, Adventure Always. VentureWeb lives and loves adventure, whether it’s dropping cliffs on our snowboards, ripping singletrack in the mountains, or exploring the always dynamic and exciting digital world.

Venture Web’s world headquarters are proudly located in Squamish, BC, an adventure paradise wedged between the big city lights of Vancouver and the famous playground of Whistler. VentureWeb partners with brands and people we respect, and we live the life ourselves. We get it.

Adventure Always

We thrive on inspiring and enabling people to get outside and explore and play.


We are your long term partners who work with you, speak honestly, and truly understand your product and your target audience.

Digital First

We believe that traditional branding models have been forever changed, digital experiences are now the single most important touch point for an adventure brand.


The digital realm is complex and fragmented. VentureWeb takes a holistic approach by integrating a mix of creative digital strategies across multiple digital touch points to achieve bottom line results.

our team

Olly Walker
Lead Developer

Jeremy Roche
Strategic Director

Murray Falconer
Creative Director

James Morris

Caroline L'Heureux
Project Management

Roger Sarrasin

Rosara Joseph
Marketing & Content Strategy

Dave Miller

Lauren Annable

Chris Charpentier

Geoff Brinkhaus


The outdoor lifestyle runs deep in who we are.

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