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Project Background

Building a new category in two-wheel culture

As a new player in the mountain bike industry, the primary goals of Juliana’s new website were to help create the Juliana brand and to position it as a leader in the women's specific product category. Clear and consistent messaging was essential. Technically, the website needed to have a Swiss army knife of tricks: it had to be easy to use and navigate so that it catered to a range of users and devices, while also communicating a clear message throughout. Visually, the site had to engage and inspire. Creating first-rate content was a must, because 99% of the site's initial visitors were to be first timers coming to learn about the brand, the product line, and how Juliana can transform the sport.

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Our Solution

An empowering and immersive experience.

Knowing from the outset that the launch of the site was to be a multi-phased approach, VentureWeb wanted to focus on educating the user with rich content and messaging first, and worry about fancy features second. Visitors to the site were greeted with large, empowering imagery to instantly immerse them into the brand. Intuitive navigation allowed users to easily navigate through the product line, rider profiles, and online store. The product pages described the features of the bikes and used photos and simple carousel style navigation to highlight the bikes’ finer details. The profile of each team rider featured her personal Instagram feeds to give the rider a personality that users could associate with and help build brand affinity.

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