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Project Background

A Bike That Inspires

Juliana Bicycles was established in 2013. The sister brand of Santa Cruz Bicycles, Juliana offers a range of mountain bikes for women. VentureWeb created Juliana Bicycles’ very first website back in 2013, and have worked closely with Juliana ever since as the brand has grown and evolved.

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The objectives

Juliana’s digital goals have changed as the brand has grown. They started out the new kid on the block, creating something radically different in the bike industry, and are now an established leader, with a strong community and reputation.
When we built their first website, Juliana’s key objective was education: 99% of the site’s initial visitors would be first timers coming to learn about the brand, the product line, and their approach. That made the key focuses intuitive navigation and inspiring and useful content.
As the brand has grown, so has their website. In our latest major iteration of the site https://www.ventureweb.net/news/juliana-bike-inspires, our key objectives were creating a stronger brand experience, reviewing the navigation and site architecture, and revamping the UX on the bike pages.

The process

A young brand: the initial build

Building a website for a new brand poses special considerations. We have worked with many emerging brands, such as Juliana, so we have a good understanding of their unique constraints and needs.
Juliana and VentureWeb decided a multi-phased approach to the website development was best, and that the first priority was educating the user with rich content and messaging. Building fancy features was secondary.

Our Solution

An empowering and immersive experience.

Knowing from the outset that the launch of the site was to be a multi-phased approach, VentureWeb wanted to focus on educating the user with rich content and messaging first, and worry about fancy features second. Visitors to the site were greeted with large, empowering imagery to instantly immerse them into the brand. Intuitive navigation allowed users to easily navigate through the product line, rider profiles, and online store. The product pages described the features of the bikes and used photos and simple carousel style navigation to highlight the bikes’ finer details. The profile of each team rider featured her personal Instagram feeds to give the rider a personality that users could associate with and help build brand affinity.

An established leader: the revamp

Five years later, it was time for a substantial upgrade. Juliana had amassed a large amount of high quality content from their race team and ambassadors, and it was getting lost. We revised the navigation and filtering tools to ensure that users can easily find the content they are interested in.
We also developed a new proprietary bike builder on each bike page which enables users to customize their dream bikes. The website also has all new styling, with strong and striking design and photography that truly captures the Juliana brand culture.

Tech Specs

  • Website/CMS platform: Drupal 7
  • The bike builder is built using ReactJS (JavaScript)
  • Integration of 12 regional sites

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