Mountainfilm in Telluride

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Project Background

Bringing the festival experience to the digital audience.

With its annual festival in May and year-round world tour in addition to a vast number of political, educational, social and cultural initiatives, Mountainfilm speaks to many different users. VentureWeb built the original site over five years ago and, while it was successful, it needed a refresh. Over time it had amassed a huge amount of information, some of which was being buried, and the navigation system had made a number of pages superfluous.

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Our Solution

Focused user experience with a highly visual interface

Knowing the site had to be responsive to reach a growing number of users and device types, we needed to start the project by redefining the user-experience and reorganizing the content in a more natural and intuitive way. We proposed a solution that included a more visual approach to showcase the Mountainfilm product and brand experience while still providing easy access to rich content layers. By blending imagery, content, and a robust navigation scheme, we were able to accomplish the goals for the organization and meet users’ needs.

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