Sugoi Performance Apparel

Strategy, Design, UX, Responsive Website Development, E-Commerce Set Up and Development, ERP Integration

Merging goals from marketing, sales and operations

A leader in outdoor performance apparel, Sugoi had to revamp its online presence. VentureWeb was challenged to create a platform that met the goals of the marketing, sales, and operations departments while establishing an authentic brand experience.

Project Background

Finding a balance between brand and business goals.

Sugoi was a leader in outdoor apparel with a great brand and in-store shopping experience, but it needed to revamp its online presence. While it did have e-commerce, Sugoi had limited control over the sharing of their product and brand stories - updating the product line up and showcasing promotions and events had become cumbersome. The user experience of the site was becoming dated and difficult to navigate.

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Our Solution

Building trust by showcasing Sugoi’s west coast roots.

After several meetings with the Sugoi team it was clear that the new site needed to tell the brand story and captivate their market from the moment they arrived at the site. Behind the scenes, we focused on using platforms that complement one another and work in tandem, to give Sugoi full control over the content and product line up. The CMS needed to be robust, and the e-commerce solution needed to come stock with all the admin and user features you’d expect from an enterprise-level platform. Once Drupal and Shopify were identified as the best solution, a third integration was needed in their ERP system for real time product inventory and management. On the front end, the design seamlessly brings the CMS and e-commerce together with experiential imagery interlaced with product stories and images —all resulting in driving the purchase.

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